Panorama in Dobbiaco

One host, one story: Kirchenwirt in Dobbiaco

The beating heart of it all

Host Ferdi, the cornerstone of the Kirchenwirt.
Just like the giant Baranci in the Sesto Dolomites, Ferdi is also a true legend. With his incomparable charm, his warm personality and his loveable nature, he is the ultimate guarantor for good humour at the Kirchenwirt. He loves what he does and that is plain to see. His love for his homeland is great, his heart even greater – and he opens it up to all his guests, young or old, big or small. Ferdi will always have a chat with you, it’s part of his wonderful package.


Ferdi is always up for a joke, especially when he picks up the phone …

“Hallo? Wer spricht? Do isch do Kirchnwirt, do schianschte Wirt!”
*in English: Ferdi doesn’t need to win a Mister South Tyrol, he already knows his worth.

Dobbiaco in summer
Forest stream
Panzenberger family

If Ferdi is not at the Kirchenwirt in Santa Maria near Dobbiaco in the Dolomites, he is usually to be found in nature. Because hunting is Ferdi’s passion. He loves to roam through the surrounding forests and fields. Here he feels alive and connected to his beloved homeland. But even while he is on the hunt, he treats the animals with the greatest respect. Ferdi is not only a wonderful host, but also a family man: “An bessan Tata gibs et!”, (there is no better father) say his children.

Zitat - Hotel Kirchenwirt
Best host - Ferdi Hotel Kirchenwirt

„In ancient Rome
they were called gods.
Today they say innkeeper or host.“