Breakfast egg - Hotel Kirchenwirt

Our rooms with breakfast in Val Pusteria – Dolomites

Secret ingredients for the perfect start to the day

Does the early bird only get a worm? Not here at the Kirchenwirt, because we have much more to offer there: our breakfast in Val Pusteria – with the famous homemade breakfast eggs, very often prepared by the host himself, and the panoramic views of the Dolomite giants. Always worth getting up for!

And not to forget Ferdi’s wake-up call, the ultimate starting signal for an unforgettable holiday day.

Ferdi - Breakfast

Radio alarm clock? Naaaa, that is for amateurs. At the Kirchenwirt the boss takes care of it himself!

“Außn in di Weite! Do Berg ruift, obo gach!”
*in English: out into nature, the mountains are calling! Hurry up!

Breakfast - on the mountain
View from the breakfast table to the mountains
Marmalade bread for breakfast

Mmmm breakfast is served …

your eyes will shine at the sight of our breakfast buffet, your stomach will growl and your taste buds will tingle. As the coffee invigorates your spirits, you bite into the crispy rolls and treat yourself to a second helping of sweet treats, your gaze wanders through the glass front towards the imposing mountains. And to all the adventures that await you.

Speaking of adventures: you want to get out and get going even earlier than Ferdi can wake you up?

Our breakfast is available upon request from four in the morning. Please let us know one day in advance. The same applies to the packed lunch, which we are happy to prepare for you.

Breakfast honey
Bread - Hotel Kirchenwirt

I have the simplest tastes.
I am always satisfied with the best.

Oscar Wilde*
*put it so beautifully (it could have been said by us!)