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Celebrate life

Of course, the Kirchenwirt also has a rustic bar, as befits a genuine and traditional inn. Here you can sit with your friends from morning until evening, make new friends, get to know the locals, listen to the regulars’ table conversations and philosophise with them about everything and nothing. There’s only one thing you can’t do at the Kirchenwirt, and that’s drink host Ferdi under the table – you might want to try, but it is close to impossible.

Events - Ferdi at the bar

Things you shouldn’t do as a holiday guest? Ferdi knows best!

“Ob zehna vormittog gibs kan Kaffää ma, sem trinkt man an Weisn!”
*in English: we are not keen on serving coffee after ten in the morning. 😉

White wine - traditional costume
Events - rustic bar hotel Kirchenwirt

Do you have something to celebrate

Whether it’s grandma Henriette’s birthday, little Maxi’s christening, Anna’s first communion, your company’s Christmas party or the best day of your life – the Kirchenwirt is one of the most original event and wedding venues in South Tyrol. Simply send us your request or give us a call – we will ensure that your event becomes an unforgettable experience.

Toasting with wine

The bar is the place where
conversations turn into
legendary stories and
guests into real friends.

Ancient piece of innkeeper wisdom